GAIA, Versatile carpet with an elegant touch

Versatile carpet with an elegant touch

After thorough research, AW launches GAIA®, a polyester carpet brand that makes the best of this versatile material. As polyester is the happy medium between polypropylene and polyamide, the four carpet ranges were named after natural phenomena of what we call ‘being in the middle’: Equator, Meridia, Equinox and Solstice.

AW has created a collection with this happy medium and proudly presents GAIA®. A global polyester brand and the middle position of AW’s global product portfolio. GAIA® brings four appealing ranges named after natural phenomena of what we call ‘being in the middle’:


The imaginary line circling the earth, dividing it in a northern and southern hemisphere. Shiny like the equatorial sun, Equator is the perfect all-rounder, bound to get a positive welcome all around the world, and throughout your house.


Named after the arc that connects the North and South Poles, dividing the earth in a western and eastern hemisphere. From downstairs to upstairs, Meridia will connect all zones of your home, whether brimming with family warmth or carrying cool, trendy vibes.


The two days in the year when daylight and night time are equally long. Tranquil and dense, Equinox will contribute to a harmonious equilibrium from room to room, as will the well-balanced shimmer of its colours.


The time of midsummer when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky. As festive as the highlights of the year, the joyful softness of Solstice is sure to enliven your entire house for many midsummers to come.


In the carpet world, polyester is the up-and-coming material that fills the gap between polyamide and polypropylene. At AW, we always strive for excellence. That is why we wanted to know all about polyester before launching our own collection. We did thorough research, because we believe this approach best guarantees that we choose the right suppliers and the best fitted yarn qualities.

Polyester comes in many types, which allows us to create different kinds of carpet, suited to everyone’s budget and taste. The GAIA® ranges are made in either PES – the traditional, entry level polyester, or PBT – polyester of the highest quality. Its characteristics prove that polyester truly is a great carpet material, in the middle of polypropylene and polyamide:


Generally speaking, polyester is more resilient than polypropylene. PBT can even rival with polyamide.


Polyester can take a fair amount of wear and tear without showing signs of stress. In a Vetterman test, our PES sample obtained a reasonably good result; PBT even performed very nicely.


Polyester is a naturally soft material. It is often used as a budget friendly alternative to silk, just like polyamide.


When it comes to bright colours, polyester can definitely keep up with polyamide. Its natural lustre gives the carpet a radiant shine, allowing for vast ranges of luminous colours.


The molecular structure of polyester is quite impermeable, making it naturally water – and stain – resistant. Our polyesters are also solution dyed during the extrusion process, leaving no space for stains.


When it comes to price as well, polyester is the happy medium. PES carpet performs slightly better than polypropylene, and thus requires that you invest a little more. The higher quality PBT comes at a higher price, but still allows saving a few bucks compared to polyamide.