Warranty conditions

Invictus, Great comfort, Invincible performance:

  • 20-year Wear Warranty
  • 20-year Stain Warranty (Food & Drink)


iSense, Super Soft Carpet:

  • 20-year Wear Warranty


Vivendi, Stress free carpet for happy people:

  • 25-year Wear Warranty
  • 25-year Stain Warranty (Food & Drink)


Sedna, Super Soft Carpet Saving Sea life:

  • 20-year Wear Warranty


Stain Warranty (Food & Drink)

The extent of this warranty

Associated Weavers give the assurance that your carpet will resist staining by foods and beverages for the stated warranty period relevant to the carpet and from the date purchased. This warranty excludes certain items and conditions as listed under the section ‘This warranty excludes’.


What is a stain?

It’s important that you understand the industry definition of a ‘stain’. ‘Staining’ means a permanent transformation of more than one unit on the ISO-105 A03 Greyscale, a standard that is used to assess carpet staining. The ability to ‘resist staining’ means the ability of the carpet pile to withstand or minimise permanent staining caused solely by foods and beverages.


This warranty covers: 

  1. Cleaning costs if the stain can’t be removed by a professional cleaner.
  2. A new carpet of the same or similar quality if the stain can’t be removed by professional treatment.
  3. Removal of your existing stained carpet.
  4. Installation cost at a normal consumer rate, excluding extra costs of moving furniture.
  5. Refund applicable only to the area or room directly affected.
  6. Removal and installation costs limited to £3 per square metre.


Conditions of the warranty:

  1. For this warranty to be valid, you must retain your proof of purchase in the form of a receipt or invoice, showing the name and address of the retailer, the date of purchase, the name and colour of the carpet and the price you paid per square metre.
  2. This warranty only applies to carpets fitted in a single-family residence and subjected to normal domestic wear.
  3. All carpets must be fitted by a professional company registered to DB5325 standards to be eligible for cover by this warranty.
  4. As the purchaser, you must agree to follow the advice given in this leaflet.
  5. The warranty is only valid in the name of the first purchaser and is non-transferable, unless written authority is received from Associated Weavers. In other words, if the carpet is re-sold by you, or the residence in which it is fitted was sold, the warranty becomes invalid for the new owners of the carpet.
  6. This warranty is only applicable to carpets purchased and fitted in the UK, Eire and Channel Islands.
  7. The carpet must be cleaned at least once every two years by a professional cleaning company, as itemised by you in the maintenance record, to be validated by retained receipts or invoices.
  8. This warranty, limited to the UK, Eire and Channel Islands, gives you specific legal rights and does not affect your statutory rights.
  9. This warranty does not cover the fitting costs, or any additional costs associated with removal or installation.
  10. The warranty is no longer valid when damage arises due to malice, negligence, removal of the carpet, transport or due to fire, damage by water and similar. We specifically decline all responsibility for other direct or indirect damage. Complaints on deterioration due to normal wear and teat of the carpet – crushing of the fibres and/or shading are not seen a manufacturing fault and are therefore not covered by this warranty.
  11. Definition of a “Stain”: A permanent modification greater than one unit on the grey scale ISO 105-A03 (1993).
  12. In case of dispute, Associated Weavers will appoint an independent expert who will inspect the carpet on site.
  13. Your statutory rights are not affected.


This warranty excludes:

  1. All stains caused by non-food or non-beverage substances.
  2. All pigment stains such as dyes contained in food and drink products like mustard and IRN-BRU.
  3. Discolouration or shading changes to the carpet due to normal everyday footfall soiling, crushing of the pile, abrasion or pile reversal.
  4. Staining following the use of any chemical application which is not recommended in the ‘Cleaning procedures’ section of this leaflet, or the use of any additional carpet treatment.
  5. Staining due to improper cleaning methods or chemicals, or their incorrect use.
  6. Staining due to abnormal use or conditions, including wilful acts of gross negligence. 
  7. Costs relating to the replacement of underlay, moving of furniture, equipment or any other items during installation.


Wear Warranty

The extent of this warranty

Associated Weavers Limited guarantee this high-performance carpet against wearing out in heavy domestic locations for the guarantee period.  The worn area covered by the guarantee must be in excess of 10cm diameter and the backing must be evident without any pile surface yarn left.  Where a reasonable complaint to wear is proven, Associated Weavers will offer the owner an alternative carpet or an allowance using the usage limitation guide.

The carpet must be professionally fitted. Pile flattening in main traffic areas and loss of appearance around regularly used domestic seating is not unusual in this type of product and cannot be included in this guarantee.

Any surface damage and soiling caused by pets, chemicals and athletic shoes are not covered by this wear guarantee. 

The original invoice from the retailer must be produced in the event of a claim. 


How to make a claim

For assistance on your warranty questions or claims, please phone the helpline number. The retailer should not be contacted. Associated Weavers reserve the right to be offered the opportunity to inspect the complaint in situ.


Keep your maintenance receipts

To help you keep track of the warranty conditions, we suggest that you keep your cleaning receipts from the professional carpet cleaning company you used and attach the receipts to this page.