Early 2017, we put in motion our COG – our Cycle of Growth –, turning the wheels of all that AW has to offer. One goal: boosting consumer satisfaction in order to increase our partner’s profits. At the occasion of Domotex 2018, we asked our customers: how does AW speed up your quest for growth?

At AW, we aim to build lasting partnerships with our customers, based on a mutual interest in making our businesses grow. Over the years, we have developed a series of products and experiences that make up the strength of what we have to offer. This global package is organised in four thematic “cogwheels” that we aspire to activate together with our customers:


At AW, we put to good use our creative forces in the domain of product development and marketing innovation. The eye-catching displays of our brands and concepts are a good example of an efficient way to increase a store’s turnover. The same innovative spirit inspired our collaboration with high-tech yarn companies, which has led to the development of exclusive yarn brands such as iSense® and iVinci®.


With the “Shop-in-Shop by AW” we took our in-store solutions to another level. The selection of premium brands, combined with the interactive digital “Carpet Advisor”, is guaranteed to bring an exciting customer experience to the stores. One goal: more customers, more turnover.


With the recent launch of the AW Academy, we offer carpet training for our customer’s sales staff. Because sales people who are properly trained, are more successful in closing the deal. In a few months’ time, the AW Academy has already trained more than 80 carpet sales champions. Registrations for 2018 are in full swing.


At AW, we were the first to recognize that an inspiring brand brings added value to a great product. Our iconic brands Sensualité®, Invictus® and Vivendi® have proven to be an added value in any store, and a bonus in realising a great turnover. We are convinced that Gaia® - our new versatile polyester brand – will go the same successful route.

At the 2018 edition of Domotex, we went on a journey to meet our customers. Going from store to store, we asked them how they benefit from their partnership with AW. Their stories are sure to inspire others to join AW on a journey to success … and beyond.