Associated Weavers Europe

Associated Weavers (AW) is one of the biggest producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe. The company is headquartered in Ronse, in East Flanders, Belgium.

In 2017 our 630 dedicated employees achieved the production and sale of 26.2 million square metres of carpet, which translates into a turnover of 170 million euros. We export to over 55 countries and have sales offices in the United Kingdom and Germany


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It is not always easy to put the interior decorating style that suits you into words. That’s why we’ve developed this interior test. 

We use 11 illustrated questions to try to find out which of five living environments selected by us will make you feel like you’re in your element. An exact science? A straitjacket? Absolutely not, it’s just fun to do!


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Vivendi: Cool carpet for happy people

With a Vivendi® carpet, nothing stops you from enjoying life’s best moments.


Invictus: Great carpet, Invincible comfort

Invictus® stands for invincible comfort that will convince even the most demanding amongst you.


iSense Sensuality: Super soft carpets

iSense® is made up of unique broadloom carpet, each in a wonderfully subtle range of colours. The ideal carpet, full of softness, comfort and luxury.

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