Sensualité: 1 year of super soft carpet for the bedroom

Sensualité®: 1 year of super soft carpet for the bedroom

A treat for the senses!


Sensualité®, the brand of super soft carpet for the bedroom, a creation by AW, leading producer of broadloom carpet, proves that super soft yarn can also be very strong and resilient. Today Sensualité® has existed for one year, and the collection has seen a major evolution. Here is an overview.   


A typical feature of Sensualité® is the iSense® yarn, a unique and extremely soft polyamide which is also very strong and resilient. Those features make Sensualité® particularly suited for the bedroom.  Don’t we all want to get out of bed barefoot and feel a super soft, warm and comfortable carpet under our feet which can stand hard wear?  

10 qualities, 10 unique experiences

Today Sensualité® is  available in 10 qualities, each with their own specific features when it comes to composition, look & feel. The original collection comprised 4 qualities: ‘Séduction’, ‘Sensation’, ‘Silhouette’ and ‘Secret’. No less than 6 extra qualities have been added to the collection in the meantime: ‘Surprise’, ‘Satin’, ‘Souplesse’, ‘Satisfaction’, ‘Sirène’ and ‘Suspense’.

  • ‘Séduction’: has everything to seduce: irresistible softness in combination with a strong resilience, available in 20 colours;
  • ‘Sensation’: carbon copy of ‘Séduction’, characterized by light frisé yarn, available in 18 colours;
  • ‘Silhouette’: carpet with countless faces, available in 8 hues;
  • ‘Secret’: pure luxury for all senses, available in 18 colours;
  • ‘Surprise’: interwoven with gold or silver thread (lurex) for a dazzling effect, available in 11 ranges 9 of which are for the various markets jointly, supplemented with 1 range for the English market (UK) and 1 for the other markets (non-UK);
  • ‘Satin’: an extra thick version of the original ‘Séduction’;
  • ‘Souplesse’: resilience in perfect harmony with style and grace, available in 16 hues;
  • ‘Satisfaction’: comfortable and timeless at the same time, available in 16 soft hues;
  • ‘Sirène’: carpet that appeals to your imagination, available in 16 fascinating colours;
  • ‘Suspense’: the ultimate in comfort, available in 16 luxurious tones;

To promote these different qualities, supporting promotional material was developed per type of broadloom carpet, including a Sensualité® display and Sensualité® films and photographs

Sensualité®, born award winner

In the course of 2014 Sensualité® was proclaimed “the most innovative floor covering” by a leading interior magazine from the United Kingdom. In addition, the Sensualité® promotional film won a bronze medal (‘International Television & Film Award’) at the New York Film Festival, in the category ‘Product Commercials’ – ‘Prize for Best Director’. This proves that Sensualité® has a lot to offer.

Come and immensely enjoy Sensualité®

At the Domotex fair in Hannover, from 17 up to 20 January 2015 inclusive, you can let all your senses enjoy Sensualité®. AW’s customers and invitees can visit “the black box” where they will have the possibility to experience this super soft carpet in all its forms in an original way.

Press release Sensualité in PDF format

AW is a European leading producer of broadloom carpet, with production plants in Ronse (Belgium) and Liberec (Czech Republic). The company achieves a turnover of approx. 150 million Euros (2014) and employs 500 people. The company exports to over 55 countries. Its main markets are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Scandinavia and Central Europe

The Sensualité® collection is produced in Belgium. Sensualité® and iSense® are registered brands of Associated Weavers Europe NV 

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