Vivendi, Cool carpet for happy people

Cool carpet for happy people

Remember those stressful Sunday afternoons at your grandparents? When you were just a child, and any spill on the carpet was a drama? For better childhood memories, there’s Vivendi®. Cool carpet for happy people.

With a Vivendi® carpet, nothing stops you from enjoying life’s best moments. Vivendi® is made with the exclusive iVivo® yarn, a solution dyed nylon of an exceptional quality. It makes Vivendi® carpet easy to clean, incredibly resilient, superbly wear-resistant and yet pleasantly soft. With four diverse ranges, there’s a carpet to make all people happy: from playful to dense, from discreet pastels to trendy greys and intense colours.


Confident and carefree, Aura is radiant in any situation. With its dense surface, Aura brings a cosy ambience to your living room.


Cool and cheerful, Vibes lights up any home. Sit back, relax and let Vibes revitalize you, ready for the happy times to come.


Light and playful, Punch is packed with positive energy. From fun morning to groovy night, Punch is the ultimate easy-going carpet.


Dynamic and vivacious, Vigour shows its happy spirit in a range of pastels. With its long pile, Vigour is sure to make a strong and soft statement.