Sensualité by AW, official carpet partner of the BMW Masters 2014

Sensualité® by AW, official carpet of the BMW Masters 2014



We are proud to announce that Sensualité® by AW is the official carpet partner of the BMW Masters, a world-class golf tournament with the best players from all over the world.
BMW Golfsport and Associated Weavers have agreed to a partnership, where Sensualité® by AW was the “Official Carpet Partner” of the BMW Masters 2014. With a prize money of 7 million US dollar this renowned golf tournament took place in Shanghai, China and was the first event of the final series on the “Race to Dubai”. Each edition could count on the support of many well-known international high-end brands. From now on, Sensualité® by AW is one of them.   

AW stands for craftsmanship, pure innovation, extreme quality and service and respect for the environment. Values, which AW undeniably has in common with BMW. That’s the reason why we were more than happy to present our prestigious Sensualité® collection in the VIP area during the BMW Masters from 29th October until 2nd November 2014 in Lake Malaren Golf Club, Shanghai.  

“Sensualite® by AW is a super soft and premium carpet which is the kind of product which we are looking for at the BMW Masters and which goes perfectly together with the other brands at this event such as Rolex, Hugo Boss and Ballantine's among others”, says Moritz Holst, Manager International Sales & Marketing Rights at UFA Sports GmbH.

Sensualité® carpet is not only super soft, but also very strong and resilient. This is due to the iSense® yarn, a unique and extremely soft polyamide. Those features make Sensualité® carpet particularly suited for the bedroom. Don’t we all want to get out of bed barefoot and feel a super soft, warm and comfortable carpet under our feet which can stand hard wear?

Sensualité® is available in 4 qualities, each with their own specific features when it comes to composition, look & feel: ‘Séduction’, ‘Sensation’, ‘Silhouette’ and ‘Secret’.

  • ‘Séduction’
    Séduction has everything to seduce: irresistible softness combined with a discreet lustre in a myriad of enchanting colours. Touch Séduction and you will be mesmerized by her fascinating texture. Twenty silky shades offering sheer tactile delight. Super soft… and tough at the same time. The beauty and comfort of Séduction will not fade away any time soon.
  • ‘Sensation’
    Sensation is Séduction’s elegant twin sister with delicately curled frisé yarn, frivolous and graceful at the same time. It comes in eighteen distinguished colours, each emphasizing the satiny gloss of her body. If you are looking for excitement you have never experienced before, try “Sensation”. She will not disappoint you.
  • ‘Silhouette’
    The interplay of colours makes her look different every time. For a moment, she retains the traces of the person touching her. Then she erases every mark. In eight colours, Silhouette has a thousand faces. Touch her and discover how layered her character is: light and playful at first sight; but deep down lurks another darker and more mysterious side. Silhouette: magnificently versatile carpet.
  • ‘Secret’
    Secret is luxurious opulence … that’s the first impression you get from this exquisite creation.            Pamper yourself by walking barefoot or stretch out completely on her sumptuous surface. Secret’s sensual texture invites you to touch her, caress her and fondle her endlessly. Secret: eighteen shades of peer-less pleasure.

Due to its multiple possibilities, the Sensualité® collection comes up to everyone’s expectations, even the most fastidious ones. Because in the end, everyone has a soft side.

Press release Sensualité/BMW Masters 2014  in PDF format

Sensualité/BMW Masters Shanghai 2014  in PDF format

Finding a super soft carpet that suits you well. That’s what Sensualité® is all about. It will be a treat for all your senses!

Sensualité® is a brand-new collection of super soft carpet, produced in Belgium by AW, leading producer of broadloom carpet. Sensualité® and iSense® are registered brands of Associated Weavers Europe NV.

AW is a European leading producer of broadloom carpet, with production plants in Ronse (Belgium) and Liberec (Czech Republic). The company achieves a turnover of 150 million Euros (2014) and employs 500 people. The most important markets are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Scandinavia and Central Europe

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