Carpet Your Life: Expression of your own identity

Lifestyle Display ‘Stories’

stands for a unique experience of the ‘Carpet Your Life’ concept in the store


The ‘Carpet Your Life’ concept turns the choice of soft floor covering into a unique experience, the expression of your own identity and your personal interior style. This concept was developed by AW, leading producer of broadloom carpet. To support the ‘Carpet Your Life’ concept in the store, a new display is presented: the Lifestyle Display ‘Stories’.

Carpet Your Life

A study into modern living spaces and accompanying interior styles by order of the Milan Lifestyle & Furniture Fair inspired AW to develop the ‘Carpet Your Life’ concept in close collaboration with trend watchers and communication specialists.

In the end 5 interior styles could be distinguished:

  • Simple Life (natural, pure)
  • City Life (glamour, modern chic)
  • Sweet Life (romantic, sensitive)
  • Classic Life (elegant, nostalgic)
  • World Life (exotic, spiritual)

Each specific interior style comes with a matching mix of various sorts of fitted carpet, based on specific features such as colour, composition, quality, texture, touch, etc.

Lifestyle Display ‘Stories’

A special ‘Butterfly Display’ was developed to extend the ‘Carpet Your Life’ concept to the shop floor. The first version of the display was actually a large “book” on a stand showing carpet samples per lifestyle and according to colour, supplemented with hangers with carpet samples. Meanwhile there was a need for a new version of this display, which is why the Lifestyle Display ‘Stories’ was developed, on the basis of ‘stories’ within the various lifestyles. Each double page of the “book” tells its own story (‘mini story’) using beautiful, strong illustrations. The images used are innovative and young, even a little vintage. The hangers with carpet samples complete the story. The display still aims to make the choice of carpet easier both for the seller in the store and for the consumer in function of the customer’s interior style.

Erik Deporte, CEO of AW, explains: “With the Lifestyle Display ‘Stories’ we attempt for the first time not to appeal just to our traditional groups of customers but also to a younger public furnishing a home and choosing carpet as floor covering. The lifestyle concept must help them to choose more quickly and with more ease the one carpet in that one particular colour that is just their style. We are aware that we have to communicate on a different level with this younger target group, inspired by the language of images in combination with story telling. That is why we have asked our team of young marketeers to develop a display for this specific target group: each double page of the Lifestyle Display ‘Stories’ tells its own story using specific carpet samples and accompanying photographs.“

In the meantime the Lifestyle Display ‘Stories’ has aroused international interest. Shortly it will be presented in stores in Germany, France and Central Europe, to name but a few.

Press release Lifestyle Display 'Stories' (PDF)

Lifestyle overview pictures (PDF)           Lifestyle collection pictures (PDF)

Share your story with AW

In addition to experiencing the Lifestyle Display ‘Stories’ in the store, the consumer will also have the possibility to share his personal lifestyle experiences on the social media. To that end AW has already developed its own Facebook and Pinterest page.

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