Sensualité, the Velvet Collection

The Velvet Collection

The ultimate sensual feel. Comfort and luxury combined. A silky look in the most vibrant of colours. Velvet is all that. With the Velvet Collection, AW writes a new chapter in the story of Sensualité®. ‘Histoire d’O’ or ‘The story of O’ if you like. Why velvet? Because the noble and silky fabric definitely is back!

The sign of a truly grand interior is velvet flooring. It is sophistication at its highest, and the embodiment of sensuality. From the Far East and the Arabic countries, velvet travelled the legendary silk route to Venice, to become the favourite fabric of the 14th century Italian nobility. With its short, dense pile and incredibly soft touch, precious velvet was the ultimate royal choice. Over the course of the centuries, velvet sometimes fell out of favour, only to return with more fervour. Today, velvet is definitely back. It is as noble as ever, but has gained a contemporary touch. The renaissance of velvet first appeared in high-end fashion brands. In interior decoration too, velvet stands for a unique sensory experience. Soft at first glance, and comfortable to the touch. With its rich texture and chic vibe, velvet is bound to become a perennial part of your home.

That is why AW launches the Velvet Collection as part of its iconic Sensualité® brand. The Velvet Collection presents four carpet ranges, all named after a strong mythological woman. Each was the inspiration for a carpet that highlights the splendour of velvet.


The nymph Oinone is the first wife of Paris, a Trojan prince. They live a blissful life; still Paris abandons her for Helena, the queen of Sparta. When Paris is wounded by a poisoned arrow in the Trojan war, he turns to Oinone again, begging her to save his life with her healing powers. Her wounded pride makes her refuse, only to profoundly regret it later. Discreet and soft, this velvet carpet is a homage to the peaceful times about which Oinone reminisces. Its smooth surface holds the souvenirs of tranquil and steadfast love. You may want to choose Oinone in a fiery red. It is the colour of the wine her name evokes, and a reminder of her passion.


If ever there was a strong woman, it must be Omphale, the legendary queen of Lydia. She makes Hercules, the strongest of gods, her slave, dressing him as a woman and obliging him to spin. As a symbol of her dominance, she carries his olive wood club and wears the skin of the Nemean Lion he killed. And like its muse, Omphale carpet is not one to be overlooked. Its lush velvet stands for extreme indulgence that won’t go unnoticed in any interior. Just allow her to take over. With a halo as golden as a lion’s mane, Omphale in a yellow tone makes a strong statement.


In Greek mythology, the Oreads are mountain nymphs, and protectors of the forest. They are close to the goddess Artemis and join her when hunting deer and other animals. The Oreads ensure harmony in the woods, becoming one with nature and wearing hunting trophies with pride. Oreade carpet blends in naturally, whatever your decorating style. Its velvety softness will create a harmonious connection, bringing together all elements. For a down-to-earth touch, choose the olive green shade, as it will remind you of how glorious nature can be.


The goddess of astronomy, Ourania reigns over the heavens and the stars. She carries her universal power with great wisdom and observes the constellations with respect. Night after night Ourania unravels the mysteries of the stars, learning how to foretell the future by their arrangement. Choosing Ourania carpet is inviting a scintillating star to your home. Its dreamy velvet is guaranteed to be the inspiration for starry nights and imaginative days. The Ourania range contains two heavenly blues, either light or dark. It depends on how deep you want to peek into the future.