Do I need carpet underlay for my floor?

carpet underlayWhether you should consider installing a carpet underlay depends on your carpet’s characteristics as well as your own preferences. Associated Weavers helps you decide with four easy questions.

What type of finishing does your carpet have?

The type of fabric used on the bottom of the carpet strongly influences the need for a carpet underlay. If your carpet has a textile or latex backing , then an underlay is necessary in order to avoid uneven surfaces. Does your carpet have a felt or foam backing? Then there’s no reason to consider a carpet underlay.

Do you have underfloor heating?

If so, the answer is: no, you don’t need a carpet underlay. The reason for this? A carpet underlay can prevent warmth ventilating from the underfloor heating through the carpet. Still want an underlay? Be sure to ask for professional advice from a carpet specialist.

Do you want to save energy?

Besides adding extra comfort and protecting your carpet from wear and tear, a carpet underlay also has an insulation effect. Depending on its thickness and density, an underlay helps you cut down your energy bill by preventing the loss of heat through your floor.

Do you want to sound-proof your floor?

Installing a carpet underlay is a simple, yet very effective solution for reducing the noise of footsteps in your home. By absorbing the impact of a footstep, carpet underlays improve the sound-proofing qualities of your carpet. The more dense the underlay, the less noise you’ll hear.