ECRA, the European Carpet and Rug Association


The European Carpet and Rug Association (ECRA), based in Brussels, Belgium, is an organization which groups the leading carpet manufacturers in Europe. The Association was established in 2005. The ECRA member companies account for approx. 85% of the the European production. At present over 50 leading carpet producers from 6 European countries are members of ECRA.

The ECRA is an international platform for the exchange of ideas and experience between it’s members. The focus of the Association's work revolves around research, development, the introduction of standards, representation at international trade fairs, evaluation of statistical data and active press office and public relations work.

ECRA's Purpose and Objectives

The Association represents and promotes the mutual interests of its members by:

  • Promoting their general material, commercial and business interests, in particular by seeking to prevent unfair competition.
  • Providing information and advice to members.
  • Promoting the mutual interests of its members in respect of research, development and standards.

ECRA is guided by the following objectives :

  • Information platform for members
  • Development and care of business contacts among members
  • Company-independent representation of interests on European level
  • Point of contact for national and international organizations and associations
  • Promotion of the image of carpet as a product
  • Information for end users and dealers
  • Promotion of innovation and leading quality
  • Regulation of the market by means of active involvement in work on standards