European Standard EN 1307:2014

Textile floor coverings - Classification

This European Standard EN 1307:2014 specifies the requirements for classification of all textile floor coverings and carpet tiles, excluding rugs and runners into use classes. The classification is based on practical requirements: wear, appearance retention, additional performance properties and classes for luxury rating.

The end use classification

A distinction is made between carpets suitable for domestic end use and carpets suitable for commercial end use. In practice the latter means that the carpets can be used in areas with heavy foot traffic such as shops, hotels or offices.

Domestic use

  • Class 21: Moderate Domestic Use
  • Class 22: General Domestic Use
  • Class 23: Heavy Domestic Use

Commercial Use

  • Class 31: Moderate Commercial Use
  • Class 32: General Commercial Use
  • Class 33: Heavy Commercial Use

Luxury class:

A carpet is given a Luxury Use Class from a LC1 to LC5, LC1 being the lowest class and LC5 being the highest.

The FCSS symbols for the main characteristics


Additional requirements

There are additional requirements for carpet covering colour fastness, castor chair suitability, antistatic behaviour, acoustic properties, thermal resistance, suitability for humid conditions, suitability for use on stairs and fraying behaviour.

The FCSS symbols for the additional characteristics


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