PRODIS: the uniform PRODuct Information System of the European Carpet Industry

PRODIS is the first comprehensive consumer information system that integrates information on environmental issues, consumer health and safety topics as well as information on use areas and additional characteristics of textile floor coverings.

PRODIS provides reliable information for consumers and professionals and is based on two elements:

  • the GUT test system for VOC emissions and chemicals
  • the Floor Covering Standard Symbols (FCSS). These symbols show the use and wear classes for carpet as well as the many additional product characteristics

PRODIS is more than a label of carpets. It is the visible sign of a renewed confidence in carpet. Carpet is not simply a solution for covering a floor, it is also the best choice.

In short, PRODIS stands for:

  • Quality made according to EU standards (CE marking)
  • Tested for the consumer’s health and safety
  • Controlled by independent test houses