Short films to spotlight the advantages of broadloom carpet


AW uses short films to spotlight the advantages of broadloom carpet  

Carpet: so much more than beautiful floor covering


Sound-absorbing, safe, energy-saving, warm and comfortable. Those are just a few of the many advantages offered by broadloom carpet. And to spotlight those advantages, AW, leading producer of broadloom carpet, made a few short, inspiring films.

The films aim to communicate in an original way about the typical advantages of broadloom carpet. In each film a professional is confronted with a specific problem in his own working environment. Then is shown how this person resolves this problem by using carpet in his personal environment.  Each film lasts 100 seconds and is a combination of images linked to an interview with a professional. The following scenarios are shown: a sound technician discusses acoustics, a security adviser goes more deeply into the safety aspects of carpet, an energy specialist talks about energy saving and an interior decorator discusses the cosiness of broadloom carpet.

The films will be distributed via the website and the social media. They will also be used during fairs and events and as in-store communication tool to help consumers choose for broadloom carpet.

Specially for devotees we will now sum up a few advantages of carpet:

Carpet and the sound of music

Your favourite music sounds much more beautiful and fuller in a carpeted room. Or why do you think that almost all concert halls and cinemas all over the world have broadloom carpet? Compared to a hard floor, carpet halves the reverberation time of sound waves reflecting off walls and furniture. That means that you can enjoy listening to your music without any distorted tones or reverberating sounds.

Carpet: better for body and soul, for young and old

Do you have young children crawling around the house or learning to walk? They will be more inclined to give it a try on a soft carpet. And if they fall over – which is inevitable – there will be fewer grazes and bruises than with any other type of floor covering. Better for baby, and better for the parents’ peace of mind.

Seniors who find walking increasingly difficult will feel much safer on carpet. The chance of slipping is almost non-existent. A slippery staircase is less dangerous when fitted with carpet. Scientific research has shown that the impact of a fall is absorbed much better by a sufficiently thick carpet than by hard floors. Hence, in a carpeted house there will be fewer broken bones and other injuries.

Carpet, a warm home and money in the bank

If your feet are warm, the rest of you will be warm too. Thanks to the insulating effect of carpet less heat is lost through the floor compared with hard flooring. That means that you can turn down the thermostat a few degrees, which is good for your wallet and for the environment.

With a carpeted floor you can save plenty of money on your heating costs. Hence carpet will pay for itself twice over.

Carpet: pure enjoyment

When (re)furnishing your home you simply cannot ignore the many advantages of broadloom carpet. Carpet is not just trendy; it is also comfortable, attractive and warm. Walking barefoot around the room gives you that unique sensation of softness under your feet. If that doesn’t sound like something you wouldn’t want to miss...

The short films can also be found via :

Press release AW Short Films (PDF)


AW is a leading producer of broadloom carpet, with production plants in Ronse (Belgium) and Liberec (Czech Republic). The company achieves a turnover of 135 million Euros and employs 450 people. The most important markets are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Scandinavia and Central Europe.   

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