Super Soft Carpets

Sensualité® is the embodiment of tenderness and strength, so cuddly yet so powerful. Sensualité® is made up of several collections of unique broadloom carpet, each in a wonderfully subtle range of colours. The ideal carpet full of softness, comfort and luxury.


When it comes to indulgence, there’s no such thing as too much. With her lavish surface, Obsession is the quintessential expression of sensuality. Get ready to be overwhelmed as you plunge into a new dimension of softness. How far will you go? Will you discreetly live your obsession in soft tones, or make a full-blown confession by choosing Obsession’s lush colours?


Sauvage’s instant appeal lies in the delicate charm of her velvety surface. But still waters run deep. She may seem a little timid at first, but even the slightest touch brings out her sensual side. This silky carpet, in either gentle or more intense colours, will certainly unleash your imagination. If ever a carpet was right for an unexpected walk on the wild side, it’s Sauvage.


Shakila: … lively and confident, Shakila is all but a wallflower. Eyes will turn when she’s in the room, making a statement in bright colours. Dressed in peacock green or tantalizing tangerine, her feisty character is sure to inspire you. But don’t let her fiery nature fool you, as soothing comfort is what lies beneath. Shakila, radiant proof that even the bold have a soft side.


A few quiet moments alone with her will be enough to appreciate the understated elegance of Satisfaction. A tender nature that reveals itself in sixteen shades of soft toned colours. Comfortable, unassuming, yet timeless. Harmony between your inner and outer self, right at your feet. Satisfaction, guaranteed to satisfy your most inner desires.


A stroll on Satin’s silky smooth surface is an unforgettable experience where you feel supported, every step of the way. Her firm but gentle grip is a constant reminder of her passionate nature. Sixteen carefully selected colours make anyone who touches her, radiate with joy. Satin, a carpet that matches your personality.


Secret is luxurious opulence … that’s the first impression you get from this exquisite creation. Pamper yourself by walking barefoot or stretch out completely on her sumptuous surface. Secret’s sensual texture invites you to touch her, caress her and fondle her endlessly. Secret: eighteen shades of peer-less pleasure.


Séduction has everything to seduce: irresistible softness combined with a discreet lustre in a myriad of enchanting colours. Touch Séduction and you will be mesmerized by her fascinating texture. Twenty silky shades offering sheer tactile delight. Super soft… and tough at the same time: with a use class of 23, the beauty and comfort of Séduction will not fade away any time soon.


Sensation is Séduction’s elegant twin sister with delicately curled frisé yarn. Frivolous and graceful at the same time. Comes in eighteen distinguished colours, each emphasizing the satiny gloss of her body. If you are looking for excitement you have never experienced before, try “Sensation”. She will not disappoint you.


Style and grace, in perfect balance. Souplesse is always ready to share her timeless refinement with you. Her resilient personality is a true symbol of inner strength. This durable and soft carpet comes in sixteen delustered shades. Souplesse, our tribute to eternal sophistication.


Just like a brilliant story, Surprise reveals herself in different and intriguing ways. At first glance, you just can’t help but feel the attraction. Golden and Silver yarn are delicately interlaced into the texture to create her mesmerizing look. Surprise is in all senses, a wonderful revelation.


Suspense is a touch of class, for those who seek nothing but the best. Suspense is the culmination of all our efforts in a quest for the ultimate comfort. With sixteen luxurious colors and unparalleled quality, we’re taking our Sensualité brand and softness to a whole new level, once again. Suspense, don’t wait to indulge yourself.


Discretion… When it comes to choosing carpet for your home, there’s no better judge than you. One glance, one touch … Discretion is sure to win you over in an instant. Its plush softness is exceptional, its sublime colour range brings finesse to all decorating styles. Bold and vivid, or discreet and understated … Discretion will delight both sense and sensibility.